Fishing Lake Vyrnwy

Classic sport, tranquillity and history. 

An introduction by G.V Westropp

G.V Westropp learnt to fish with his family on Lake Vyrnwy in the days with the old ghillies, when fishing folk would take a fortnight each summer. Mr Westropp has fished every year since, and has probably accounted for more Vyrnwy trout than any man alive. He wrote the definitive book 'Fishing on Lake Vyrnwy' which was updated and republished in 2009; he has kindly written a few words..  

Fishing Lake Vyrnwy is a fine sporting challenge. There are days when every brownie in Vyrnwy (and there must be tens of thousands of them) is on the move and others when it seems that there are no fish in the lake. 

Lake Vyrnwy is a ‘fly-only’ water and has to be fished from a boat, usually drifting loch-style with a team of three flies.

Vyrnwy trout tend to be found close to the shore where most of their food falls from the trees and bushes. So the key to fishing Lake Vyrnwy, and catching fish, is always try and get your flies as near the stones of the shore as possible. Never miss an opportunity to cast under over-hanging trees if they are between you and the bank.

However, drifting across the shallower arms of the lake, notably Rhiwargor, Cedig and Llwyn Rhiw, can be rewarding too. But if the level of the lake is down four or five feet from the top of the dam, these will be high and dry and, therefore, stick to long drifts down the shore line instead.

Fishing around the Tower can be fun and never underestimate the number of brown trout in the Boat House Pool itself, especially on very windy days.

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