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July 2015

Lake Vyrnwy set as it is 1,000 feet up in the Berwyn Mountains in many ways mirrors the fishing of a Highland Loch, being subject to the proclivities of the weather. As such July is sometimes a bit of a mixed bag, and often we welcome fewer Rods than in the in the fertile fishing months of April, May and June. This does mean of course that those who fish are guaranteed peace and solitude, and as the records show generally catch fish.

The month was dominated by unseasonal weather. Starting with one of the hottest July days on record; a series of Atlantic lows soon moved in to rather spoil the party, and so very mixed weather with high winds, colder than usual and towards the end of the month some serious rain.

Some 15 boats took the water with 22 rods and 151 fish were taken; 83 Brown Trout and 61 Rainbows. The average Bag per Rod was 7 fish, and per boat was 10.

Joseph Cook fishing with his father started his fishing career on a very wet day with Ghillie John Davies taking 4 Brownies and 8 Rainbows they are now hooked! Rod of the month must be Mike Hayes taking 13 Brownies and 9 Rainbows from Whitegates. Another catch of note was from Messrs Houghton and Naylor who fishing from the Boathouse pool returned 17 Brownies and 4 Rainbows, all taken off the top fishing dries. Apart from this catch it seems most fished sub surface, traditional wets being order of the day, with Bumbles and Damsel nymphs also featuring.

One Rod walked the hotel mountain to Quarry Pool, spending a happy afternoon chasing “little wild mountain jewels” landing 7, one being over ¼ lb, a positive leviathan in its own little mountain world. He missed 3 times as many as he landed.

As we move to August the recent rain has lifted the levels a little, summer seems to be returning, and fish are being taken.