August, September and October 2014

The weather was a mixture of days of bright sunshine with little wind and days of heavy rain and strong cool winds. The lake remained very low for most of the period with banks exposed and little water entering the lake from the feeder streams.

However, in spite of the unpromising conditions the fish fed well at times. 47 rods caught 72 rainbow trout to 5lbs and 206 brown trout to 1.5 lbs. Most fish were caught on slow sinking lies with the most popular flies being claret bumble, montana, viva. bibio, green dabbler and welsh wizard.

Among notable catches for the period were:-

  • A party of 5 rods led by John Davies had 37 brownies and 4 rainbows from the Boathouse end.
  • Messrs Barrow and Marsh had 30 brownies and 8 rainbows from Whitegates.
  • Tom Chamberlain had  30 brownies and 10 rainbows in two days from Whitegates and the Boathouse
  • Mr MacIntyre had 12 brownies and 2 rainbows from Whitegates.

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