March 2015

The Vyrnwy season started on March 20th, a partial Solar eclipse, a bright and breezy day with a chill in the NW wind.

5 boats with 8 rods combining some locals and hotel regulars.  A splendid way to launch the season with 19 fish taken, mainly sub surface on traditional patterns.  Rod of the day was G V Westropp with a bag of 7 fish caught on a Connemara Black from the Chapel to Cedig drift.

Only a few rods braved the changing conditions over the next couple of weeks; however fish were taken with bags of half a dozen being recorded by A Worthington and Tony Williams, who fishing with Ghillie John Davies caught and released the fish of the month, a 2 1/2lb Brown Trout.

As the rods toasted the end of the first day on White Gates beach, one of the number commented that a log in the centre of the lake appeared to be drifting rather rapidly in the wind.  Closer inspection revealed an otter happily lying on its back munching on a Vyrnwy Trout.  I suppose that with 11,000 acres of water, 11 miles of shore line and probably hundreds of thousands of trout there is plenty to go around.

All the rainbows caught at this time of year are over wintered and in fine fettle with tails like shovels and a good deal of attitude.

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