April 2015

With the turn of the month rods started to return to the lake.  Vyrnwy regular P Makin making a couple of sorties catching 19 Brownies and 1 Rainbow on the first visit and 17 Brownies on the second.  Mr Duder and his party returned 18 Brownies on the 4th of the month.  Perhaps the Rod of the month was Mr Ken Thomas who returned 26 Brownies, the best weighing in at 1 ¼ lbs, he also took a 2 ¼ lb Rainbow for the table.

The unusually warm and calm weather made for some difficult fishing in the middle of the month, however as spring was springing there was food in the lake and it was time to stock.

The majority of fish were caught sub surface with a variety of sinkers, slime lines and intermediates being deployed, although some persevered with floating lines.  Traditional wets have been the choice for most rods with old favourites Zulu, Peter Ross and Black Pennell all showing.  Claret Bumble was perhaps fly of the month, and it appears that only a few chose to use lures.  Special mention should be made of an especially dressed, weighted Cadis Pattern that is fished very slowly over the shallows by P Makin to great effect.

As the month closed with wind and rain returning, the lake has filled to capacity and the trees are coming into leaf a week or so behind the rest of the world.  The Peregrines are back on the crags above Rhiwargor, and lots of old friends such as the courting Grebes have been spotted.  It all bodes very well indeed; a peak at the records for the 1st of May reveals that Messers Owen and Sleigh landed 50 fish – 49 Brown and 1 Rainbow – A taste of times to come? How very exciting!

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