May 2015

As April turned to May it was clear that Spring in these hills was a week or two behind, initially warm weather turned cooler as a predominantly north westerly wind dominated, and overall the month was the coolest for some years with some very rough days. This did not however spoil the fishing! nor deter some intrepid anglers.

There have been some prodigious catches Messers Owen and Sleigh taking 49 Brown trout and a Rainbow on the 1st of the month, Hughes and Ogborne returning 44 Browns and 3 Rainbows on the 9th with George Barron and Mr Marsh losing count after 35 on the 10th. The fishing was consistent through the month with Ken Thomas taking 38 fish with Ghillie John Davies on the 26th, and Brian Owen 25 on the last but one day.

Fish have been caught all over the Lake, the majority coming from the Whitegates end, but this may be a reflection of the number of parties choosing to fish at that end. Splendid catches have also been taken by boats from the hotel end, especially by those intrepid enough to venture as far as Cedig Bay.

70 rods fished in 42 boats, with the average bag per boat at 12 fish and the average per rod 6, The majority of fish were taken sub surface with may rods using slime and slow sinking lines with the days punctuated by short but frenetic periods with the trout feeding voraciously then seeming to disappear until the next rise.

Traditional wet flies have been the order of the day for most. Bibio probably being the fly of the month, closely followed by “anything Black” often with a touch of green. Gold heads have also been used to great effect.

Several first fish have been caught, and Will Tanner (pictured below with Anthony Rosser, the hotel General Manager)  a veteran catcher of trout aged 9 took his first Vyrnwy Brownie, he is certainly the 3rd if not the 4th generation of Tanner to do so…long may it continue.

AR and Will Tanner aged 9 - First Trout - Copy

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