June 2015

As June comes to an end the returns indicate a special few weeks fishing. The weather dominated by a chilly northerly wind has held spring and early summer back and the lake has remained full, only just starting to drop. It is perhaps this unusual condition of factors that have combined to create often challenging but rewarding fishing.

It has been the month of the brown trout with 501 being recorded; some 36 Rainbows have also been caught. 54 rods fished the water from 32 boats, the average per rod being just short of 10 fish and the average per boat 17. These are supported by one remarkable bag, the Macintyre party fishing 11th June from Whitegates were not only content to keep a brace of nice Rainbows but also brought at least 100 brownies to the boat “Best ever days sport on Vyrnwy” was the comment.  With this extraordinary catch removed the rod average is still a creditable 7.4 fish.

Whilst more floating lines were used this month, many fish still fell to sub surface tactics. Fly of the month being the ubiquitous Bibio, and the traditional favourites all took fish. The old Vyrnwy rule “anything small and black” still holds true, although the addition of a bit of green or orange in a dressing seems to improve chances somewhat.

Other parties enjoying fine sport were Messrs Edwards and Edwards on a first visit from the isle of Anglesey taking 36 brown trout and a rainbow, an exceptional effort in very bright conditions. The Morris party fishing with Ghilllie John Davies took 40 fish to the boat and Mr and Mrs Edwards took 14 Browns and 10 Rainbows. The largest brown was over 1 ½ lbs, and Mrs Edwards took the fish of the month a Rainbow weighing in at over 6lbs (pictured below).

Vyrnwy is not just about fishing, Andy Bailey reports not only catching over 40 fish between 2 boats but also spending time watching the Peregrines over the lake and  a newly fledged Tawny Owl still in its down enjoying the spring sun.

Jayne Edwards with the 6lb Rainbow Trout

Jayne Edwards with the 6lb Rainbow Trout


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