In our little corner of Wales we grow some of the best food in the World

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Food is important in our little corner of Wales, we grow some of the best in the world! It’s not just a commercial affair, it’s more important than that, it’s a community and a family affair as well. Let me explain....

Dave our Head Chef knows the people he buys from ....... quite fussy about it actually.

Cyril farms a fair bit of the land around the hotel and supplies quite a lot of the succulent lamb that features on our menu. Cyril just happens to be John’s father.

John, now he is a lifelong gamekeeper and is the Sporting Manager on the estate. He produces all the game that we use.

Finally, Ray and his son Hayden still run the family butchers over the mountain in Bala, set up by Ray’s great-great-grandfather in 1873. He buys the Welsh Black beef and pork we serve from farmers he has known all his life (we can even tell you which farm the steak on your plate has come from) and much of the pork we use comes from a farm just 8 miles (and one fairly large mountain) away from the hotel.

We get our cheese and vegetables........ well that’s a story for another day.

So you see, our food and where it comes from is important to us, it always has been, and I suppose always will be. As someone said not so long ago, we had slow food around these parts long before slow food was invented!

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