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ESPA Massage

Unwind with an ESPA massage.

All of these treatments can be personalised based on your needs to either relax or revive your body.

Hot Stone Massage
55 min £65
A therapeutic full body massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension. The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind.

Deep Muscle Massage
55 min £65
A powerful muscle melting massage using specialised techniques concentrating on specific areas of concern alleviating deep seated tension and muscular stress.

Aromatherapy Massage
55 min £60
ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils.

Choose from the following oils - De-stresser, Muscle relaxer, Jet-lag reviver, Immune booster, Energiser, Body toner.

Swedish Massage
55 min £60
The most traditional, Swedish Massage is a fast paced, stimulating full body massage. Firm pressure is used to help ease tension and soothe tired aching muscles leaving you relaxed and revived.

Muscle Reviver
40 min £50
This deeply soothing back, face and stress releasing scalp massage is an ideal way to melt away tension and relieve tight muscles. You will feel revived and invigorated for the day ahead or calmed and relaxed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

A nourishing Salt & Oil Scrub can be added to any of our massages to prepare the skin (for an additional £30). 

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